Phoenix Zoo

To enter this 125 acre zoo you will pass over a small lake which is home to various waterfowl and turtles. The zoo has four major divisons: Arizona Trail, Africa Trail, Tropics Trail and the Discovery Trail. The Arizona Trail contains many birds, animals, flora and fauna typical of this region. If you are lucky you will see the bobcat, mountain lion, Mexican wolf and the coyote among the many animals.

The Tropics Trail contains the maned wolf, the anteater, alligator, elephant and galapagos tortoise as well as many other animals.The African Trail includes the cheetah, lion, meerkat, rhino, ibex, baboon and the zebra among its habitants. The Discovery Trail includes a petting zoo, a natural play area and a farm for the kids to enjoy.

The following are some of the pictures taken at this zoo on our one day visit.

The above burrowing owl was posing very nicely for us. Having seen some burrowing owl refuges in Central Florida we were interested in actually seeing what these owls look like. In many of the areas we visited in Phoenix we were told that the Gambel Quail could be seen running wild. Approximately 10 inchs long, this bird sleeps on the ground with its family group. Upon being disturbed they will fly in all directions to confuse their predators.
These pair of apes were busy stripping the bark from the tree branches and eating it. The female was more active during our visit and it was interesting to see her work at getting the bark loose and chew on it. Both of these apes were in large hanging 'nests' within their enclosure.
This round-tailed ground squirrel was really cute as it scurried around its burrow. He kept a close eye of us as we went by. This kestrel is the smallest of the hawk family and was being held by its trainer. Being able to move its head almost completely around and its large eyes make it easier for this hawk to find its prey.

Pictures taken by B. Athanasiou using Mavica DV-88