Sun., June 22nd

The long drive down highway 101 was broken up with stops at Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Seal Rock, Cape Perpetua and Heceta Head Lighthouse. The weather was sunny and the views great.  We arrived at Driftwood Shores Conference Center in Florence, registered and then met with the members of our Elderhostel group for dinner, getting acquainted, and orientation.

Mon. June 23rd

After breakfast at the Inn we were treated to lectures on Geology (by Carol Unser), a photo presentation and intro to digital photography (by our photography expert, Mason Marsh). After a deli lunch at the hotel we left for our first chance to photograph the Oregon coast.  Dinner at the hotel was followed by a lecture on the Oregon Coast Natural History

Tues. June 24th

We left early for Seal Rock area to get pictures of the sea life at the lowest tide of the year. The pictures of sea stars, sea urchins and other sea life were a treat. After breakfast in Yachats we continued on our photo tour – stopping at Cape Perpetua Natural Scenic Area, Alsea Bay where we had lunch. More sightseeing and pictures along the coast followed. The evening after supper was free time for us to check out our pictures from the day.

Wed. June 25th

After breakfast we boarded the bus and drove to Newport and visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Our task was to take pictures of the sea life within the aquarium – both inside and outside. After a stop at Izzy’s for lunch we spent an hour at the Yaquina Head Natural Scenic Area getting pictures on an overcast day. After that we went out on a Marine Discovery Boat tour  where we looked for whales, sea lions, birds and also used a crab trap to bring up some interesting looking crabs. Dinner was back at the hotel.

Thurs. June 26th

Many of us wandered around the port of Florence getting some interesting shots in the early morning sun. After that we were off for Sweet Creek Trails to take some interesting shots of the creek falls and flowers. The afternoon was spent working on pictures and relaxing.

Fri. June 27th

Our last day was spent exploring Oregon Dunes National rec. Area in dune buggys before we all dispersed. We stopped at Shore Acres State Park before heading eastward toward Crater Lake. We were able to get a room at the lodge on the third floor overlooking the lake.  We got a few pictures in the late afternoon but were unable to go on the eastern side of the lake because the snow had  not yet melted. 

Sat. June 28th

A beautiful day and we took lots of pictures of Crater Lake. A hike down the one path to the lake gave us some strenuous exercise as well as a chance at some great pictures. From here we drove northwest, visited the High Desert Museum and stopped in Crescent for the night. Then it was back to civilization and home to NY.