After a few days at sea we arrived at Fjordland National Park (entering Milford Sound first) and sailed into a foggy fjord around 8 AM. The weather was usual for that area - foggy, misty and cool. After an hour or so we headed further South and sailed through Dusky Sound around 4 PM. From there we resumed our sea journey to Dunedin on the eastern side of South Island.

South Island Towns

We spent a day in Dunedin visiting the world famous railway station, getting a tour of the town with its older buildings and then visited Otago University. Boarding the boat at the end of the day we sailed off to Christchurch. The weather was superb and we had a great day strolling through the Mona Vale gardens, lunching at the Curator's house, wandering around the street markets, and enjoying a punting trip down the Avon river.

After an overnight trip we landed in Picton, boarded a bus and left for the Montana winery for a tour and lunch. From there we went to the Aviation Museum, for a travel back in time to World War I (a worthwhile visit) , and the various airplanes and battles of that time. Boarding the ship at the end of the day we sailed for the North Island.