White Island

North Island

This island lies at the northern end of the Taupo-Rotorua volcanic zone and was given its English name by Capt. Cook in 1769 after seeing the dense clouds of smoke. Starting in the 1880's sulphur was mined from here for use in fertilizer. However a 1914 eruption caused a mudflow which wiiped out the mining establishment and killed the 12 people who were working there. Although owned by a John Buttle the island is administered by the Dept. of Conservation after it was declared a Private Scenic Reserve in 1953. More information can be found here

View Island

Ship Headed
into Island


Gannet Colony

Gannet Nursery

Australasian Gannet

In Flight

Backside Island

Waiting to use ladder

Steam Rises

Another view

Sulphur Deposits

Colorful Area

Closer Look