Tiritiri Matangi


Tirtiri Matangi is an open sanctuary, where the public is free to visit and enjoy some of New Zealand's more unusual and rare fauna. After many years of being farmed the island was covered with rolling grassland and not much of the forestland remained.

Today, under the Department of Conservation, the Tiritiri has been replanted with the native trees which will allow the regeneration of the coastal forest and provide a rich and varied habitat for the bird species. A number of bird species have been reintroduced to the island - saddleback, takahe, brown teal, fernbird, stitchbird - and are thriving there.

During our short visit we were able to see many of these birds while getting a guided tour of one part of the island. Note the route we took on the map below. Clicking on it will bring up a larger view.

Island Map

Fortified Island

A windskier

Whangaparaoa Port

Bob Resting His Eyes


Hobbs Beach

Shoreline Right

Beach View Hill

Woods - Puriri Tree


Brown Teal

Song Thrush.

Variable Oystercatcher



Tui Honeyeater