Teddy Bear Factory

On our return from Burlington we toured the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. This tour was well worth the time and the young guide was quite entertaining. The teddy bears, in all sizes, have child-safe eyes and noses that can't be pulled off, arms, legs and necks joints that rotate a full 360 degrees and can be machine washed. Each one is also guaranteed for life so if any damage befalls them they can be shipped back to the factory for repair. Additional information can be found at www.VermontTeddyBear.com
With numerous layers of the fabric laid out on the above table the machine at the right cuts through the layers to make the individual pieces of the teddy bear. The fabric is laid out with the fur sides together so that both sides of the arms, legs, etc are cut at once. At the next station the arms, legs and bodys are sewn together after the suede pads are added to the paws and ears.. At each station is a tall vertical rod which helps the workers turn the segments inside out ready for stuffing.


At the left is a picture of our guide explaining about the stuffing of the legs and the insertion of the joint pieces. Above is where the pads and other accessories are added to the teddy as well as the joints for the various extremities.

New Hampshire