Dora Canal is a mile-long waterway connecting Lakes Dora and Eustis at the Tavares city limits. Noted for its scenic beauty - it's nickname is "the most beautiful half-mile of water in the world" . Along its length are numerous opportunities for photographing and watching wildlife. Taking the trip early in the morning in a small electric powered boat we were able to get many photographs before the crowds of larger and gas-powered boats disturbed the setting. A more peaceful place would be difficult to find!

This is the first view as we came into the canal from Lake Eustis. The Great Blue Heron watched us go by as did the Egret.They were also probably watching the mother Wood Duck and her brood - shown above and below.

Above, as we came around a corner this Great Blue Heron watched us come closer and closer. Needless to say all 6 photographers in the boat got at least one good shot. Further along the canal we came to civilization with an alligator sunning himself in front of the picnic tables.

One view along the canal.

Its peaceful look belies the fact that alligators lurk in the shadows so it is wise to remain in the boat.

At one point we sat and watched a family of river otters eat a fish almost as large as either of them. It was difficult to get any pictures of them eating as they hid down among the tree roots. Bob's picture on the right was taken with a flash.


This snowy egret, in its adult colors, was too busy stalking lunch to worry about the boat. Barb got the picture on the left while Bob caught him in motion. It doesn't appear that he was successful in his fishing attempt.


Larry Greenberg's Wood Duck

Bob's Wood Duck


OK so I look stuck up - actually I am just smelling the air.


A tricolor heron taking off caught by Bob's camera.