New Jersey Visits

During the summer of 2001 Barb spent some time with Cindy and Nick working on landscaping and painting. The first trip involved getting the landscaping started in their front yard. It is doubtful who had the most fun - Cindy or Barb!
This is the project after our trips to the nursery and digging in the dirt. The planting around her previously planted Japanese maple came out very well. Later Cindy and Will extended this bed and added some plants. The butterfly bushes which we found on sale were eventually planted in the back yard outside of their kitchen window. However a black swallowtail butterfly made our day as it landed on the bush waiting to be planted.
Nick had to help with the painting of the dining room and the adults gave him the job of edging around all the outlets in the room. Above he is getting the final instructions and to the right he has started the work. Note the tongue helping with the concentration! After Nick was bathed and in bed, Cindy and Barb worked until midnight to achieve the result at the left. Barb learned how to do the textured result and will be trying it sometime this winter at home.
Christmas Letter