Visit to Ken's House - August

During an August visit to Ken and Dora in Missouri, numerous pictures were taken and are here to be shared with our numerous friends and relatives. The new deck was almost finished and Alex was now 6 months old and cute as ever. Jessica, Ryan and Angie were there and helped to make my visit lots of fun.
The living room is on the right as one comes in the front door. Straight ahead is the dining area with the kitchen on the right. Continuing straight ahead one goes out onto the fabulous new deck which includes a dining and cooking area as well as the great new pool. During my visit we made extensive use of the pool, table and new deck. (Ryan was the photographer for these pictures.)
Needless to say Alex was the subject of many of the pictures. From this position he rolls over and is off to various parts of the living room. Getting up on his knees is the next step as he learns to maneuver around. OK guys here I am and I am ready to charm everyone. See how well I sit up at 6 months.
Everything he touches goes into his mouth as he struggles to bring more teeth through his swollen gums. It doesn't take much to get him show off his good nature and first two teeth.
Alex was fascinated with the TV controller and was even able to change the channel. Nothing like starting early to control the electronic media! Ken and Ryan were happy to display their grins for the camera. Ryan has on the new sweatshirt which Grandpa A. got from RPI's bookstore. Ken's new look was a surprise to those of us from the East. All agree it looks pretty good!

Jessica turns 12 in September and got to pick out a new outfit for school. With a little encouragement she modeled the outfit. Angie was home and demonstrated how quickly she can get a smile and laugh from Alex.



Ken was the photographer for the picture at the left. Dora ended up having to share her ice water with Alex, which usually means that she is left without clean water since he hasn't mastered drinking from a cup yet.
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