Thanksgiving 2002

Thanksgiving this year was celebrated at Ken and Dora's new house in Lewis Center, Ohio. The lucky grandparents drove out from Troy and Will and Cindy drove from New Jersey. Since Jessica and Ryan had arrived the Sat. before from Kansas City Ken was able to get a good picture of his 4 children - the oldest, Jessica has the youngest, Katarina and Ryan (age 10) has Alex (21 months). Dora is shown above with the fast growing Katarina, born in July.

Below are more pictures of the Ken's photogenic children. Katarina, being the youngest seemed to get quite a bit of attention during this visit. The adults enjoyed watching the interaction between the siblings and cousins. Whatever Ryan did his cousin Nick (5) tried to do and whatever Nick did Alex(21 mon) also tried to do. Sometimes it was just watching TV but other times it was using the various toys which each child brought to the situation. In the pictures at the right Alex is holding Buz Lightyear while Nick is holding one of his dinasaurs.

At the left Ken and Dora are getting ready to carve the turkey as we get ready to enjoy a great meal of the typical Thanksgiving treats, including numerous pies from which to choose. Ken's admonition on Friday was that no one could leave until the pies were gone - which we all managed to finish off.

Alex seems to be ready to carve the turkey himself. Needless to say an adult quickly changed his plans. Alex has quite a vocabulary with which to express himself. As an intelligent littlel boy he quickly adds what he hears to his growing list.


Will and Cindy relaxing after the meal while the children are playing nearby. At the left is another good picture of the two female grandchildren. With almost a 13 year difference in ages these moments together are going to be important to both girls.

Both grandparents also got in some good times with the grandchildren. Barb and Jessica share a laugh at the science museum which most of us attended on Friday. Bob is enjoying a moment with Katarina.


One of the exhibits at the Science Museum in Columbus was an example of a piston engine. Cindy as the engineer was trying unsuccessively to get her first crew to work together. However, her second crew got the piston to work quite well while Ken, Alex and Nick tried to steer the device.


There were a number of exhibits which were geared for younger children and the two cousins had a great time. Nick was trying to use the pulley to pull himself up while his grandfather and mother looked on.

Alex had a great time trying to catch the balls which were held up by air blown out of the tubes. It wasn't long before he learned that putting your hand below the ball made it easier to catch the ball.

One exhibit was rather magical - allowing the kids to appear to have their head cut from their bodies. Since it was one of the most popular exhibits, there was a rather long wait. However, it seemed to be worth it for these three who really enjoyed the pictures which Grandpa took. The effect is really quite good.

Our week-end ended on Saturday as everyone headed for home. The week-end was fun and we are hoping to get together again over the summer.