Summer 2003

On June 28th, Bob's colleagues surprised him with a retirement party to which friends and relatives had been invited. Bob is listening to Dick Many read a note from a former colleague. Both sons were there with their respective families as well as many of the doctors in the area. It was truly a surprise even though it had been planned since the Oct. 2002.

Ken and his family spent the following week at the cottage with the older ones learning to water ski for the first time. On the 3rd of July the rest of the family joined them for a crowded but fun filled two days. The weather was perfect and everyone had a chance to experience the joys of being at Sandy Pond.

Below is a picture of Ken and Jessica coming in from a skiing trip with the Athanasiou's new boat. Below right Alex and Katarina (Ken's youngest) play with a large bucket of water and toys.


Jessica and Ryan did a great job with their skiing. It certainly looks as though they are enjoying themselves. Ryan even tried to ski with only one ski!

Will finally gets to drive his new boat. Nick and Jessica are in the bow with Ken Will and Cindy are in the back.

Before everyone went home we had to get pictures. At the right are the grandparents with all 5 grandchildren. It isn't often that we are all together.

Above Nick and Ryan do the customary 'building of a sand castle' at the sand bar. At the left Katarina shows off a happy face as she plays with the handle of the sand pail.

Dora is enjoying one a moment with Alex as he gets a snack. Life at the cottage is too exciting to spend too much time on meals. Kat shows off her skills at making the water splash at the beach in the above photo.

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