During the summer of 2001 we visited this farm with our grandchild, Nick, and his family. Finding the place is easy since there are many signs on Route 3 as one comes into Sackets Harbor from the south. The first visit took place early in the morning and the second was late in the afternoon on a beautiful August day. Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially watching Nick feed the animals and explore the various exhibits on the grounds.

Outside of the goat enclosure was a red fenced area where anyone who wished were encouraged to buy cups of popcorn and feed the goats. The goats were eager to eat the popcorn but many pieces fell onto the ground out of their reach. In the top left Mommy is helping Nick feed the goats. In the one above Grandma is busy picking up some of the popcorn pieces. Nick decided the goat at the left was his favorite and needed some attention. He was sure that the next time he came he would recognize him. Within this enclosure there were many goats who were willing to be petted and hugged.

Besides feeding the numerous animals there were many kid attractions. The sand pile with the tractor and wagon attracted Nick on both trips. The 9 hole course of miniature golf was a hit for the males on the first trip.. On the second trip Nick was quick to suggest a round of golf, probably to please his grandfather.

Ethan Humphrey, the camel, was a hit with Nick's Mom on our first trip but he can be rather imposing for a 4 year old. Eventually Nick has enough courage on the second trip to let Ethan eat out of his hand. It is surprising how gentle the camel is as he eats the popcorn.

Everyone takes a hayride through the Wizard of Oz land as part of the admission fee and gets a chance to feed the pigs, a billy goat and a number of cows and Norman, a 2000 pound steer. A pail of hay and later in the summer corn is available for this trip. But first there are some instructions for all participants about what they will see and do. Here Nick is shucking the corn for the pigs as he listens intently. Once started there is a narrative about the Oz figures which are visible along the way and at the first stop the pigs are on the left and the billy goat is on the right. The corn is thrown to the pigs and hay is fed to the billy goat. Nick is concentrating hard as he picks up the corn for the pigs.

On the first trip Norman, the steer, and the cows were not really interested in the hay or the bread. That is Normal at the right on our first trip.

However on the second trip the cows were very hungry and Nick had a great time feeding them. Again the animals were very gentle and after the hay was gone, bread was passed out for the kids to use. When Nick was feeding the cow the bread he had an interesting look on his face.

Soon after the hayride we returned to the cottage where Nick related to all who would listen the animals he fed and the fun he had. Meanwhile Grandma was content to display to all the pictures which she snapped during the visit. It was difficult to chose only those displayed here.
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