Christmas 2002

Dear Friends,

We hope that the holidays find you all well and happy! It is hard to believe that we are all another year older. The time just seems to fly by faster and faster - sort of like a roll of toilet paper that always seems to get used up more quickly at the end.

This year's good news was marked for us by the birth of our 5th grandchild: Katarina Athanasiou greeted the world on July 12th. She lives near Columbus, Ohio with her parents, Ken and Dora. In October we visited Will and Cindy and got involved in carving pumpkins for Halloween. We all (Bob, Barb, Will, Cindy, and Nick) descended on Ken and Dora at Thanksgiving so the Grandparents would have a chance to play with all the grandkids at once.

This year's bad news is that Barb's Dad has succumbed to old age. He passed away in October at the age of 92 after a brief illness. Three children, six grandchildren and five great grand kids, survived him.

Bob has finally decided to pull the plug and has told RPI that he will be leaving at the end of the spring semester. He's been RPI's Medical Director for 18.5 years but is confidant that he will be able to find things to fill his leisure time starting in July. As much as he anticipates a fun filled retirement, he will miss his friends and colleagues in Troy.

Barb has kept active all year by planting flowers and other green stuff, then digging it up and planting it somewhere else - a veritable green "musical chairs" event that goes on from April to October. She also was able to spend some precious time with her father sharing memories and photographs.

Part of our retirement plan is to domicile in Florida and be snowbirds. Our new home was completed in October and we will move most of our belongings in December. Our new address will be 3240 Hampton Lane, The Villages, FL 32162. Our e-mail will stay the same ( or and we will, hopefully, complete our relocation in June. We will be at Sandy Pond for 5 months in the summer and in Florida for 7 months in the winter. You can see the new house (constructed in 89 days!) at

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2003,

Bob and Barb Athanasiou