Christmas 2001

The Athanasiou Family

This year we thought that sending a Christmas letter by email would be an interesting thing to do. By clicking on the highlighted links in the webview of the letter, you will be able to view the web pages created for the special events of the year. Go to to read the letter on the net.

As for many Americans this year has been an eventful one. The World Trade Center attack on Sept. 11th (Ken's birthday by the way) has forever changed our complacency about our country and the freedoms we have. It has also reminded us that family and friends are to be enjoyed each and every day.

During the year Barb continued her visits to her Dad on a bimonthly basis, learning a lot about his life and sharing his pictures. She also spent a great deal of time working on her hobbies - photography and gardening. Sometimes these combined as she took pictures of her flowers or the butterflies that visited them.

Bob was able to see that the emergency preparedness measures he instituted worked very well. The year at RPI started with a case of spinal meningitis in a student. 1800 faculty and students were vaccinated against this deadly disease within two days. The student recovered completely and the whole incident and the school's response received a lot of positive press both within and outside the student community. In fact Bob was invited to present at the annual College Health Meeting in Las Vegas in May and in Burlington in Nov. Since Barb was not working, these meetings became a chance for a mini vacation and a chance to take more pictures. Details are available by clicking on the links.

Our family has continued to grow with the birth of another grandson, Alexander Kenneth on Valentines' Day. His parents, Ken and Dora, adjusted quickly to diapers, nursing and short nights. In April they moved to Kansas City, Mo in order to be closer to Ken's children from his first marriage and he has enjoyed attending their sports events and seeing them more often. Barb visited their new home during the month of August and enjoyed playing with all of the grandchildren. Dora's daughter, Angie, had a baby in October and made Ken and Dora grandparents and us - great grandparents.

Will and Cindy continue to live and work in the Belle Meade area in New Jersey. Nick is an active 4 year old who helps to take care of their new dog, Blazer, a white Siberian Husky, and thrives in his day care classes. Barb spent time helping them landscape their front yard and paint the dining room in August. It was difficult to know who had the most fun, Cindy, Nick or Grandma!

Thanksgiving found us visiting The Villages for a two-week vacation. Our lot will soon be the only empty one on the block. Last year at this time there weren't any houses up in the neighborhood. Golfing during the warm weather and trying out the many restaurants kept us busy.

We are looking forward to sharing the holidays with our family at Ken's in Missouri. Updating the many family pictures will be done in January.

Merry Christmas to all ! Hopefully the New Year will bring us closer to world peace!

Bob and Barb