Carving a Pumpkin


A quick visit to our son gave us an opportunity to spend some time with our grandson and help with the annual carving of a pumpkin for Halloween. The end result is show above with the various steps and accompanying pictures below.
Grandpa cut out the top of the pumpkin, scrapped down the insides and Nick pulled out the pulp. For the first pumpkin the insides were rather dry but the second one was nice and messy! Cindy was right there to sort out the seeds which were later roasted for fresh treat.

Watching Grandpa scrap the insides meant that Nick had to also try it . A lot of concentration is necessary for this job!


Putting pulp on Mom's hands is lots of fun!

Taping on the pattern is difficult!


The proud Athanasiou carvers!

Carving pumpkins is hard work! Nick fell asleep before getting to his bed!