Finding Blazer

We found Blazer through Siberian Husky Rescue team. This group, based in Eastern Pennsylvania, takes Huskies that have been abandoned and tries to find adoptive homes for them. While Blazer now has a new home, there are still many more dogs that would love the same opportunity. You can find out more about these dogs by visiting either or and typing in "Husky" in the search area.

The original intent was to bring home a puppy named Thunder. However a young white husky named Blazer was very attentive when we arrived and interested in Nick and the other adult visitors.


Soon after Blazer was chosen (or rather, after Blazer chose his new family) and all decided that this was a good match , Nick and Blazer were together under the table while Mommy was filling out the paperwork.



The happy family as they started out for the 2 hour trek back to Nick's house. It wasn't long before Blazer decided that he needed to be with his new family. After climbing over the seat back he curled up in the back seat area (about 15 inches wide), with his head on Nick's shoulder. Both youngsters were asleep for most of the trip home.


Blazer has adjusted to his new home and is enjoying all the new toys chosen by Nick.