Scuba Diving Links

A few of my underwater pictures....

Photo of Angel fish - scuba diving in Bonaire
Feeding sting rays in Grand Cayman
Pederson cleaning shrimp on coral
Christmas tree worm
Flamingo Tongue Snail
Brittle starfish on sponge
Shrimp on anemone
Morey the eel
Channel Clinging Crab
Spotted Drum fish (adolescent)
Scorpion fish (well disguised)
Adult Drum fish
Sea Horse
Feather duster worm on brain coral
Yet another worm
Scorpion fish in camoflage
digitally enhanced scorpion fish

Ben, the friendly grouper
Petting Ben, the pet grouper
Jerry at a cleaning station
Jerry, the mouth that roared
Red crab
green moray eel
Yellow tube sponge


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