A Painted Lady sitting on a coneflower
An unidentified butterfly sitting on a butterfly bush.
A Red Admiral sitting on a coneflower
An open view of a Painted Lady
This lovely lady was recovering from trying to fly through our cottage window.
A quick shot of a busy Bluejay
This seagull visited the front of our cottage one morning and I was able to grab this shot through the window.
This cardinal and finch were feeding in our back yard in Troy. We have a family of cardinals with us most of the year.
This picture was taken at a museum display in Las Vegas. This dragon fly landed on an iris leaf as I was taking other shots of my garden. Zooming way out I was able to get this shot.
Always taking my camera when golfing at the Elms paid off one day as I grabbed this shot of two turtles. As soon as they noticed my stopping they disappeared into the water. This mother duck was telling her youngsters to watch out for the lady with the ugly camera and bread. The photo was taken in front of our cottage.