Paint Shop Pro
A number of years ago I took my first course from ZDU, then SmartPlanet, and now LVS, in Paint Shop Pro. (Paint Shop Pro, a graphics editing program from JASC, which has since been purchased and developed by Corel)) I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to use this program by taking a number of classes. As the program continues to be upgraded I have expanded my knowledge of graphic creation and editing.

Digital Darkroom with PSP X2
With the purchase of a digital camera in August 1999 I began my experience and love of digital photography. During the summer of 2008 I began using a Nikon D200 and the process of learning to use it is slow. In the summer of 2009 I got a Nikon D90 and am working with both cameras. Using PSP X2 to edit the pictures (after loading them with Nikon Capture NX2 - especially since PSPX2 does not yet recognize the D90 images) has helped to create some awesome pictures.

Dreamweaver CS Introduction
This course will help me to improve my web design skills as well as introduce me to the new version of Dreamweaver.

Photography Basics II
This class is helping me to do a better job with taking pictures using all aspects of my digital cameras.

Photoshop Elements 9
This class is taught by Sara Froehlich at LVS and has been an eye opener for me. Editting pictures has become much easier with what I have learned.


Creative Retirement at HVCC - A number of month long classes are offered during the day at a very reduced price since the instructors donate their time, the university donates their space and the coordinator, Jean Chenette, donates her time. My favorite class was on Tiffany Windows in the Capital District.

Tiffany Windows - this course was offered a number of times and I was able to take some great shots with my digital camera. We visited Earl Gardner Chapel, St Josephs church in Troy and St Paul's church in Troy.