St Paul's Episcopal Church, an 1826 Gothic Revival structure, located at the corner of Third and State Streets, was completely redecorated by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his company in the mid-1890s.

This church is a rare example of an interior completely done by the Tiffany Studios. Pews, walls, altar, windows, floors, and chandeliers are came from this studio. The stained glass windows create bold vistas of divinity out of ruby reds, emerald greens and sapphire blues.

The window below, 'Vision of St. Paul', was begun in 1893, finished in 1903, designed by J.A.Holzer and was given in memory of John I. Thonpsom by his wife and family. Notice the Tiffany chandelier below right, the pink angel at the left and the five panels in reredos at the bottom of the picture.

Below right is a closer picture showing some of the vivid colors in this window. The fine example of the first use of flesh colored glass for the characters face is more obvious in this picture.


Above is a closeup of the angel with her peacock-patterned wings and at the right the chandelier which hangs in the chancel.

Above is a closeup of the circular window in the top left corner of the 'Vision of St. Paul'.

At the left are two panels containing James the Beloved Disciple and at the far right the Archangel Gabriel. These are mosiacs done about 1891. The gold reflecting mosaics of the walls are visible to the far right.