One of the features of The Villages is the Town Square where there is entertainment and dancing every night. The building on the right is the Church on the Square where services of many faiths are held on Sunday. During the week there are musical events available every night.. The building in the back is the Rialto Theater where movies are available for $4.00. This is the new Sales Building that was barely started when we were visiting in January 2001 and almost ready for occupancy in November 2001. As usual this public building is quite lavish and will be used as a hotel in the distant future. All public buildings are planned for more than one usage.
This is the inside of the sales office. The interior and floor are all done in mosaic tiles in the South Western theme in keeping with the rest of the square.. This is Augustine's, which is on the southeast corner of the square. The Italian type cuisine is quite good and reasonable.

Cafe Ole is on the north east corner of the Square and is a great place for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner. There are at least 7 restaurants in this vicinity. The picture at the right is of the fountain in the square.

Bob is showing off the welcoming sign on the Town Square


This buffalo is within a couple blocks of the Square. In January 2003 there were some buffalo calves across the road from where this picture was taken.

One of the attractions at The Villages is the number of golf courses available. All of the 13 executive courses are free for the residents. Above is a view of first hole of Hawkes Bay Golf course.

At the left is the driving range near the Square. The birds sitting on the platforms give the aspiring golfers something for which to aim. They seldom get hit however.

Notice all the sand bunkers and water in the back left in the top picture as Bob prepares to tee off on a nearby fairway of the Glenview Championship courses..

This is the 13th hole of the Orange Blossom Golf Course. Throughout the Villages is the sign 'It is a beautiful day in The Villages' and we certainly have enjoyed a number of them.