We would like to give you a virtual tour of our new house now that we have some furniture in it. The first view is the original one from the street as you arrive at 3240 Hampton Lane. Notice the new door inserts (on the right) which were my Christmas present. Once inside the house there is an opening to the immediate left which goes to the guest bedroom (den and computer room) area with an adjacent bathroom. Moving into the main part of the house you will have a good view of the living room, dining room and the breakfast nook area (see below). A view of the kitchen area, taken from the breakfast nook is below right.

In March we had the front and sides of the house landscaped and by the time we move down in Oct. the tall Sabal Palms will have branched out at the top. Looking out the front door now is a delight, especially with the blooming mandeville around the light post and the large Sylvester Palm.

Below is an updated view of the breakfast nook area with the new drapes installed in April. Note the placemats and napkins made to match. Barb had a good time working with the sewing machine.



Bob is working on his laptop in the picture above. The computer room (2nd bedroom) can double for another bedroom. Next Fall we will finish setting up this room.

Above is the entrance to the den/reading room - which is the main guest room. Notice the beautiful windows which look out the front. On the right is the sofa bed which doubles as a comfortable couch as well as a decent bed. This room also contains two large bookcases to the immediate right. The covers on the coffee table and little tables match the drapes which should be finished by Oct. 2003.

This is the view to the left from our lanai. The tree in the above picture is the one which is pictured below right. This is also the tree around which we had to fit the lanai! Below is a view from the neighbors yard.

This is the view out our sliding doors, now that the lanai furniture has arrived. The love seat to the right gets used almost every evening as we enjoy the view.



Standing just inside the sliding glass doors the kitchen is barely visible on the left and the view to the front door is straight ahead. The entrance to the master bedroon is on the right. The view from the door of the bedroom is below and one window (which looks out under the Live Oak tree) is visible. The entrance of the closet/bathroom area is opposite the end of the bed. The master bath, at the left, contains separate sinks with strip lighting for both of us.

The pictures on the wall are ones taken by Bob at the various National Parks which we have visited. We were eager to get some of our pictures on the wall in order to make the place more like our 'home'. This large master bedroom area also contains a sewing table and a love seat. The walk in closet which is off the left of the view of the bathroom is quite large as well.