In December 2000 we put a deposit on a piece of property in The Villages in Florida with the hopes of building by the time Bob retired. At that time most of the lots in the neighborhood were empty as one can see in the photographs below.



Above is the view, from the back of the Glenview Country club, across the putting green and the fairway toward our neighborhood. The clump of trees on the left in the rear is on our street - Hampton Lane. This is a view from the Fox Run Golf Course toward the back of our property. Our house will be fitted around the tree on the right. Click on the picture to see the neighbor's house fitted around their tree.
The above view is from the road toward the golf course and the canopy created by the 2 Live Oak trees is clearly visible. Those live oak trees have trunks with diameters up to 40+ inches. Moving to the street side - this is the view from the street in Jan 2000. The first two trees on the left are the ones which will frame our backyard.
This is a closer view of the house being built. Notice that they build right under the branches and will only cut the branches which interfere with the roof line or construction. Click on picture to see changes by Nov. 2001 although the view is from the right side of the house. Working with the digital camera and graphics program, I superimposed the model we are looking at onto the property. This is what it would look like, without any elaborate landscaping. The room at the front left is a bedroom, which we hope to use as a library. Clicking on the pictures will show our house in October 2002.