After we went to contract on Aug. 1st of 2002, the foundation was installed . These 4 pictures show the stages of the ground work needed for our new house. Note the pipes and supports sticking up through the cement pad in the pictures below. These pictures were taken in August and September 2002.

The photographer is standing in our garage looking toward the back of the house
Here the photographer moved to the lanai area and is looking toward the front of the house.

Our friend and neighbor took the surrounding pictures for us. Note the date of Aug. 29th. The ones immediately above show the gorgeous Live Oak trees around which we had to work. In the one to the above left, it is hard to believe that the tree is far enough from the house . In the one at the right you can see how the house is fit among these two trees - the one on the left is on the neighbors property. Below is the view out our lanai toward the golf course. It will be difficult to find a better view any where in the Villages.

This was the result by Labor Day 2002. Some friends called to comment that they were standing in our kitchen waiting for breakfast on Aug 31st.

By the middle of the week the remainder of the walls and the roof was on our house. Below are views from the inside as the framing for the individual rooms is installed.

Looking from the back of the house toward the front door and bedroom area.

View from the front door, toward our sliding glass door onto the lanai. The knee wall of the lanai can be seen in the back.

Insulation is now added to the front walls. This view looks toward the lanai - with the section of the kitchen island in the middle of the picture.

Insulation is added to the outside walls of the master bedroom. The section at the right shows the amount that the house needed to be shifted (section above the date on the picture) in order to fit around the tree.

By Sept 7th the front is all enclosed and the tar paper is on the roof waiting for the shingles.

Shingles are now on in this Sept 16th picture. Note also that some of the plasterboard is up inside the house.

The roof is now on in the back, without the tar paper. Windows are in as well.

Here the tar paper and shingles have been added. All this was done by the 16th and before tropical storm Isidore arrived in FL.