Cottage at Sandy Pond

Our summer residence is a cottage on North Sandy Pond near the east end of Lake Ontario. In front is the new Bayliner which Will and I purchased in May 2003. During September of 2004, the white birch trees at the left were removed since the one leaning toward the cottage was dead.

At the right is a picture of Will and Nick as they returned from a canoe trip. With both of Barb's brothers nearby there is access to all kinds of water equipment. Below is a picture of a paddle boat in which my sister-in-law Joan and my grandson, Alex are having a ride. At the right is grand-daughter Jessica pulling a big tube out to enjoy the waves on Lake Ontario.

Will, Cindy, Ken, Alex, Jessica and Nick are headed to the beach on Lake Ontario. A short trip down the channel in front of the cottage and then out onto Sandy Pond( in the distance) for a half mile ride. At the right Cindy and Nick are returning from a water fight at the beach. The Lake Ontario water tends to be chillier than the pond water.

Will pulling Nick on the trainer skiis on the Pond side of the sand bar.

Activities at the beach have not changed since we were kids although the sand bar has gotten smaller and trees are lying in the water. All have enjoyed digging in the sand, playing with your dog in the water and learning to water ski. At the left is Nick's first attempt at water skiing with Will providing the power. Summer of 2005 will see Nick learn to ski behind the boat and another generation will be addicted to water skiing at Sandy Pond.

Dan Bardeen, Barb's nephew, is taking Nick out to fish on the pond like the 'big boys do'. Usually Nick fishes off the retaining wall in front of the cottage. Feeding the fish both bread and worms makes fishing (with barbless hooks) somewhat more productive. Grandma did a little editing on the computer to help Nick show off to his friends at home.

When the weather is not as sunny or warm there are a lot of activities to be enjoyed inside. Although sometimes dressing warmly will make a kayak ride enjoyable for Jessica. Fishing is also better when the sun is not shining.

Alex is preparing to roll out the play dough at the left to make shapes. Below on the front porch Grandma and Nick are starting work on a Lego robot while Bob reads nearby. Below left Will and Cindy are celebrating their August birthdays while Nick helps out.

Finding the pieces and reading the directions can sometimes be a challenge.

At the left is Grandpa teaching Nick how to use his new putter prior to going out to the golf course. Nick did quite well with his irons and by summer 2005 will play with us more often.

Above Ken, Jessica and Alex are watching Grandpa cooking at the grill. Many of the meals are cooked on the grill and quite good. One of the specialities is chicken or pork marinated in a spiedi sauce, made in Johnson CIty , New York.

With a little bit of encouragement Nick took some weeds out of the channel to made it easier to see the fish. These weeds are quite heavy.

Ken is having Ryan get some last minute stuff to take to the beach. Notice that everyone wears life vests for the trip over.




On any decent night the crew gather around the outdoor fire to create another childhood speciality - s'mores. It is difficult to convince teenagers that the marshmallow shouldn't be covered with a hard black crust!

Another favorite activity is watching the various birds. Above is a Belted Kingfisher which landed on our boat in front of the cottage as we were checking out a camera. At the right is mother robin discussing life with junior. We watched this mother with her brood for most of May out the dining room window.

Hanging a thistle sock in front of the dining room window created hours of fun for us humans. The antics of the finches, both Gold and House, were interesting. House sparrows filled both bird houses with a brood over the summer. Red-winged blackbirds were plentiful at the feeder with their young as well. Barb found a red-wing blackbird nest with eggs and then babies among the rose bushes on the spit.

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